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Meet The Day Center

The Day Center is really the cornerstone of the Family Promise Family. This is the welcoming space that calms the crisis. The day center becomes homebase for the families who come through our program. Just like any warm, inviting home, this is where our families start to feel safe again. Creating a space for people to feel safe is no small thing! Once families feel safe and secure, once they know where they will be sleeping and where the next meal is coming from, they can then start to think about the next steps toward establishing an independent and stable life. The way that plays out looks a little different for everyone. Regardless of the details, the day center is a constant.

It is rather unusual for an affiliate to have it’s own space so early after organizing. Most use borrowed or rented space from churches or other community partners. So we are very lucky at Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels to have a building of our own and one that was designed for our purposes. It has 3 showers, a washer and dryer, a kitchen, and work space for parents and kids to meet their goals. And there’s a play area for the little ones.

Although many different people rotate through, there is always a family feel here. Like family, not everyone always gets along all the time, that is true. For the most part, though, the families that are here at the same time form friendships and connections that last well beyond their time with us The day center is more welcoming than ever with a recent update thanks to a generous donation from IKEA. We are so grateful to have the spot to welcome our families. Thank you, Day Center!

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