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Meet The Family: Kellie Stallings

Kellie’s background is in youth and family services. She initially provided counseling and supervised programs for youth that required more care due to the trauma of childhood abuse. In 1995, she accepted a position at Connections Individual and Family Services as a youth and family services director and eventually served as Executive Director at Connections for over 23 years. With a Master's degree in social work, she also provides supervision for professionals who are working toward an advanced license in clinical social work.

As for her connection to Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels, Kellie served on the candidate review committee for the two previous Executive Directors. Through Connections, she has partnered with FPGNB many times on the homeless coalition. Her husband is the Family Promise coordinator for their church and Kellie volunteers her time when Family Promise guests are staying there.

Kellie appreciates the model that FPGNB follows, which engages churches and church members to invest in the lives of the vulnerable members of our community. This way of serving brings more awareness to the struggles that members of our community actually face and exposes all of us to what is sometimes hidden. In terms of the future, she would like to see FPGNB be more invested in long term solutions and expand aftercare services. This way, Family Provide could continue providing excellent support for families in need and continue to provide support and guidance beyond their initial housing crisis.

Thank you, Kellie Stallings, for all you do for the community and for Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels.

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