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New Starts

As we launch a new year, the trend is to plan new starts in the way of new year resolutions and personal/professional goals.  The happy motto people chirp is "New Year, New You!" as we mark New Years as a time of transformation.  As I ponder this phenomenon, I think of Family Promise families and their journey to their "New You."  

Family Promise families are creating their newest version of self every day of the year.  They aren't waiting for a new year to set goals and begin a transformation process.  Each day, Monday through Friday, families work on goals in 7-10 different life skill areas including employment, financial literacy, parenting, and personal growth.  They meet 1:1 with mentors who help them role play for interviews, establish budgets, embark on a plan to improve their credit, gain new parenting skills and much more.  

What Family Promise families teach us is that one does not have to wait for January 1 to embark on a "New You."  Transformation begins now...whenever we say the word "go."  I'm so proud of them for embracing the opportunity to make that change for their kiddos as well as themselves; to dig in and overcome hardship.  THEY make ME proud to come to work.  As we gather our momentum to tackle the year 2018, let us not become complacent, but see every day as an opportunity to start building a better version of ourselves.

To all of our current guest families, alumni families, congregations, volunteers, Board and staff...Happy New Year!