Young Ones with Family Promise

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

“The grownups are in some room here.…”

“There’s a meeting or working at a desk….”

“Look, here’s a lady doing laundry in there….”

“Mom had to drive us fast out of town in nighttime….”

“My dad carried me out of the house on fire....”

Certainly even very young children pay attention to all that is in their lives. Yes, they talk about it, too. A devoted and successful organization such as Family Promise connects with all the children. While troubling stories could emerge, being a kid also carries readiness for joy.

So, let’s hear some of their delightful “doings” here in NB at all the churches and Day Center:

We worked in gardens and used the hoes.

We fed the fish in the aquarium.

Those fish have names.

We put on a play with our own puppets on the stage.

We could sing our ABC’s so the grownups lined up their chairs down front. They clapped so we sang it some more.

A man with a guitar played rock and roll, my mom and all the grownups right there danced. We all danced.

The grownups could take us outside to play games, swing, ride cars like little bikes.

One time, a helper brought two huge beautiful dogs, who loved us to pat them softly.

We got to play teacher and read books on the library floor.

We got to play basket ball, race, paint, color, draw pictures.

At a little pretend kitchen, we set the supper for Jesus. Jesus was a big doll.

We could hear lots of bells and some big windows held huge shiny glass.

Homework was right there for helpers.

These children will be with Family Promise for a brief time and memories might become vague. Yet when a kind grownup can connect with a small person, we all feel God coming really close.

by Gretchen Weicker


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