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Team Captain Resources 2019

Day of Race (May 4, 2019)


  • Please arrive by 9:00 AM. 

    • Beds should be delivered in the parking area on the far (north) side of the track

    • Final assembly / decoration of the bed can done in the parking area

    • Once you bed has been rolled to the staging area along the backstretch of the track, officials will assign it a number


  • The event Begins with the parade at 10:00.  One lap around the track.  Teams will be announced as they process in front of the grandstand.


  • Races begin right after the parade.

    • Two teams will run in each heat

    • Each Team will race minimum of two heats 

    • Your teams will be racing for best time, rather than against the other team


  • Awards:

    • Fastest Bed (Youth division and Adult division)

    • Crowd Favorite

    • Best Theme

    • Most Money Raised by Team


  • The event should conclude by noon


To Add a Team Member

Click on Link Below.  Will need team member’s name, email address, phone number, physical address and T-shirt size.





Bed Race Rules


  • Entry Fee per team: $100.  We encourage teams to raise a minimum of $1000.

  • Teams will be made up of six (6) members. Four (4) Pushers, One (1) Rider, and One (1) Alternate.  One member will serve as Team Captain (listed on registration information) and is the only team member to communicate with Race Officials.

  • No part of the racing bed may be higher than 6 feet.  All pushers must have a clear line of sight to the raceway.

  • Beds must have a twin size mattress.  No air mattresses may be used.

  • Push bars or handles are encouraged but they must not extend more than 16 inches outside the bed frame.  They must be designed for safety without sharp or jagged edges.

  • Wheels:

    • Racing beds must have four wheels (4 inch minimum).

    • All four wheels must have contact with the ground at the finish line.

    • All wheels must be load bearing but do not have to be the same size.

    • New Rule for 2018:  To prevent spin-outs, the rear wheels must not turn.  The front wheels may turn.

  • No bed may have a motorized or mechanical means of motion.  All means of motion are limited to race team members.

How To Build A Bed Car

Forms You'll Need