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The Gift of a Donated Vehicle

In many parts of the world, a car is a luxury item. However, in our little corner of the world, it is extremely difficult for a family to manage life without a car.

In more metropolitan areas, of course, public transportation is available. But in New Braunfels, not so much. A single person who lives close to their work and the grocery store could probably manage on foot or with a bike. The needs of a family are many and a car is an important part of establishing sustained independence.

Often, obtaining a car is one of the more difficult obstacles for a family to overcome when lifting themselves out of crisis and homelessness.

In order to keep a decent job, get kids to and from school/daycare, do the grocery shopping, go to appointments, and all the other things that families do every day to keep the wheels turning on their lives - a car is essential.

Sometimes families come to us with a car. Sometimes they have a car but cannot afford repairs. When that is the case we can usually assist with repair costs or, at least, help them figure out how to get their car fixed.

Many times for a variety of reasons, families who are working toward graduation do not have a car or do not have hope of buying one. And, in order to graduate from the Family Promise program, a transportation plan is one of the goals that must be met.

One of the greatest ways to support Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels and one of the biggest gifts you could give a family is to donate a gently used vehicle.

The process is simple.

First, call us. We will have a brief conversation about your vehicle to determine if it would be a good fit for donation.

Then, once we decide to move forward, you take the vehicle to Christian Brothers Automotive for a free assessment.

They will thoroughly inspect the car and determine what the cost might be for updates or repairs. Christian Brothers will call FPGNB to give us the estimate (since we would cover the cost to get the vehicle in good working condition). We will determine if it is a vehicle we can accept. If it is, then you will transfer the title of the car to Family Promise and we will get you all the paperwork needed to be able to make a deduction on your taxes.

We will then match the vehicle to a worthy family.

As the year is coming to a close, consider donating a vehicle to Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels. This tax-deductible gift can have such a big and positive impact in the life of a family.

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