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Trick or Treating Safety Tips

With Halloween right around the corner, kids are itching to spend the spooky night with friends. In a sweet treat across America, Dr. Anthony Fauci gave the green light for outdoor trick-or-treating this year.

A little pre-planning and precaution can keep everyone safe and smiling. Obviously, for younger children under 12, adult supervision is highly recommended. But if your child is ready to Trick or Treat with their friends, here are some tips to keep them safe.

  1. Carry flashlights (Many hardware stores have mini-LED flashlights for around $2). Also, consider reflective tape or glowsticks.

  2. Designate check-in times and updates via a phone call.

  3. Only visit homes that are visited by others and have lights on.

  4. Walk—don’t run—from house to house using sidewalks when possible.

  5. Be aware of and avoid open flames like candles in jack-o’-lanterns.

  6. Stay on streets that have other trick-or-treaters.

  7. Advise your child to NOT eat any candy that has been opened in any way. Bonus points if you can get them to wait to eat anything until they get home so you have time to inspect it.

  8. Remind them of your favorite candy so they save you a few.

  9. Do not approach dogs you don’t know. Always ask the owner's permission before approaching dogs you do know.

  10. Do not talk to anyone driving by in a car. Review this with them: If an adult needs help they should be asking another adult, not kids. They have permission if approached by someone in a car to yell “No!” and run in the opposite direction the car is facing, then contact their trusted adults immediately.

Halloween can be a ghoulishly good time but being safe during the festivities is important. Hopefully, these trick-or-treating safety tips set you up for a spectacular, spooky holiday.

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