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Michelle Luhrs was one of the first members to bring Family Promise to fruition in New Braunfels. Once FPGNB was official, she served as the coordinator for Unity Church before transitioning to the Board. She currently serves as Board President in her second term.

Michelle first became involved while looking for a way to give back not only money but time to her community. Rev Tutor at Unity pointed her toward the Family Promise program and invited her to the early meetings.

When not supporting FPGNB, Michelle is a mother of three, working full-time for Workplace Resource, a commercial furniture provider in San Antonio. Her hobby is remodeling old homes.

“[Family Promise] is fulfilling to be able to provide a secure place for families,” she says. “It is so much more than giving them shelter and food. Family promise teaches people how to manage money, find a stable job, secure childcare, and transportation, so they are set up for success. FPGNB has had a wonderful impact on my life.”

Michelle shared her most memorable moment with us: “One Sunday when we were late converting a Sunday School room to a bedroom for a Mom and her two daughters. My children were there, and I was stressed about running late and being a little short with them. The Mom and her daughters arrived and came into the room while we were still in there. The Mom started crying and hugged me, thanking us so much for creating a beautiful space for her and her daughters. She couldn’t stop telling me how grateful she was to have a safe, beautiful room to sleep in. I’ll never forget the look on my children’s faces watching this happen and the way it changed our perspective forever. It helps us to feel so much gratitude for the things we take for granted, and it shows how a simple act can have a bigger impact than we could ever imagine.”

She looks forward to building on the relationship FPGNB has with the churches and finalizing plans for a transitional home.

Thank you, Michelle Luhrs, for your work and dedication to FPGNB!

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  • Family Promise

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If you make any purchases through Amazon, remember that you can do so through the Amazon Smile Program. Each purchase donates a percentage to Family Promise at no additional cost to you! Click here to sign up!

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David Pope first became involved with Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels through the First Baptist Church of New Braunfels. Now a prominent corporate sponsor, his family has also served meals to Family Promise guests, helped to move the FPGNB trailer at the close of the week, and stayed overnight with the guests in the church. David loves how the programs help to restore people and their families to dignity. He says, “Bringing housing, food, and administrative help to families is all the more sweeter when delivered with the love of Christ.” In the future, he wishes to see FPGNB “strengthen their partnerships with God’s people, the church, [and] to do even more to restore people both physically and spiritually.” Outside of FPGNB work, David works with a fantastic group of people in serving the residents and business community at Barnard Donegan Insurance.

Thank you, David Pope, for your work and dedication to FPGNB!

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