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Meet the Family: Melissa Elizondo

Melissa Elizondo was one of the founding members of Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels. She first got involved back in 2012 when the organization was in its infancy planning stages and attended the second FPGNB meeting ever. Her first role was serving on the building committee. Later, she returned to serve on the board from 2015-2019. Now Melissa oversees the marketing efforts of the organization. She discovered FPGNB when she and her best friend returned from their second mission trip to Haiti. They were inspired to open their own nonprofit to help homeless kids. Melissa’s business coach at the time suggested that they take a year to read and study before making any moves. So they did. They learned a lot about how some organizations hurt people more than they help them. One day, Melissa was talking to a friend about this dream and they told her about a planning committee that was meeting at a church later that week. It was an organization that helped homeless children. So, she attended the meeting to see what it was all about. She figured that instead of reinventing the wheel she would join in on the collective effort of something bigger than herself. Melissa really appreciates that Family Promise works to keep the family unit together and helps to bring stability to families that are otherwise on rocky ground. “I was not in the foster system. However, I was not raised by my own family. So I have this passion for children who are essentially homeless or displaced.” She has a dream that one-day FPGNB will be able to build a tiny house community or a small apartment complex for transitioning families that are graduating from the program and need a spot to land before stable housing becomes available to them. That way FPGNB can serve more families. When Melissa is not focused on Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels, she stays very busy! She runs a marketing agency, invests in apartment complexes, and just launched her first podcast with her good friend, Todd Reavis. It’s called the Good Gossip Podcast and it’s all about spreading good, uplifting, inspiring, true stories about people.

Thank you, Melissa Elizondo, for your integral role in the founding and continued success of FPGNB.

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